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StartUp Northeast Regional Tournament - Nov. 16, 2014
Win Prizes! Grades 4-7

Startup Game Boxtop
  • Teaches business and math skills.
  • Complete your IPO to gain cash.
  • Win the Biggest IPO Trophy!
  • Make money in Business Opportunities.
  • Navigate the world of Lawsuits, Price Wars and Networking Opportunities.
  • Watch out for a Shock to the System!
  • Complete your company headquarters to win!
StartUp is a business board game in which players compete to guide their startup company from launch to the completion of a corporate headquarters. Along the way there are Business Opportunities, Capital Opportunities, and IPO Opportunities. Build Expertise to increase your chances for success and your company's value in an Initial Public Offering. Navigate lawsuits, price wars, networking opportunities and shock cards along the way.

Unlike other business board games, StartUp is a lot of fun, even when you are not winning. You lose by succeeding more slowly, not by getting crushed.

The StartUp board game teaches business and math skills and models many real business situations, such as the value of investing in your business, the risks and rewards of business opportunities, and the trade-offs in a Capital Opportunity or an IPO.

StartUp is fun for the whole family and will have your 9 year old jumping up and down thrilled to have completed an IPO!

StartUp is challenging for any age from child to adult. Although there is some luck involved, the better player will usually win, kind of like real life.


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About the StartUp Board Game

StartUp Games was started by myself (Michael Ehrenreich), my wife (Rebecca Gelman), and our two children Aiden (then age 9) and Zachary (then age 7). We'd always had the idea to design our own board game but never quite had the time. When we were suddenly hit with a power outage during Hurrican Sandy, we suddenly had some time on our hands. The first game we developed was StartUp - A business game for all ages. We hope that you enjoy our games as much as we do.

Startup Game Boxtop

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StartUp is for both adults and children (ages 9+) with an interest in business and financial games. If you've played Game of Life, Monopoly and other board games that involve money, you will enjoy StartUp. If you enjoy board games of strategy, such as Risk, you will also probably enjoy the StartUp board game.