StartUp Game FAQ

How does the game end?
The first player to complete a corporate headquarters to 5 levels wins the game. Short play rules can be found in the last section of the Rules.

Where are the Business Opportunity spaces?
Each space labeled with one of the six business function is a Business Opportunity Space. They do not explicitly say Business Opportunity.

What happens at the two STOP spaces?
Any time a roll would land a player on a Stop space or would result in a player passing a Stop space then the player must stop on the Stop space, choose a path and immediately roll again.

What happens at Cash Cow, Buckets of $ and Money Pit? There is nothing in the rules.
Under correct play it is impossible to land on these spaces, since it would require a roll of 1 after a Stop. The only way to land on these spaces is by drawing a Shock Card and following the instructions.

In a Networking Event are you supposed to know whether True or False is facing forward in the envelope when you start passing?
Yes. Each player should make a choice as to whether to pass a True or a False.

If a Shock Card would result in you losing your only Expertise Point in a category what happens?
If a Shock Card or any other game play would result in having no Expertise Points in a category then no action is taken. You cannot have less than 1 Expertise Point in each category at any time.

If you land on the center IPO space but are not having an IPO do you roll again?

Can you have more than one IPO for your company?

Can you accept a Capital Opportunity after having had an IPO?
Yes. However, you may never sell all of your ownership. You musty always own at least 10% of your company.

The rules say that in a lawsuit "the winner must pay to the loser the amount of the lawsuit." Is that a mistake?
That is a mistake. Like in real life, the loser pays to the winner the amount of the lawsuit.

If you land on a STOP space, do you roll again that turn?
Yes. If your roll results in you landing on or beyond the STOP space then STOP, choose a path, and roll again.

Can you ever change directions in the movement around the board?
No. You must always follow the arrows.

When you land on a Building Opportunity space can you purchase more than one level if you have enough money?
No. You can purchase only one level at a time.

When you land on Architect Fee do you pay 10% of the last building stage completed or the one you are currently hoping to build?
You pay 10% of the NEXT building level you are trying to build. For example, if you have already built your first level for a cost of $100,00 and land on Architect Fees you would pay 10% of the cost of the second building level (10% X $300,000 = $30,000).

Do expertise Points have to be purchased before you roll the dice?

In a Networking Event is it possible to end up with your own envelope back?
No. In a 2 player game, player 1 trades with player 2 and then there is no further trading. In a 3 player game, player 1 trades with player 2 and then player 3 trades with either player 1 or player 2, then there is no further trading. In a 4 player game, player 1 trades with player 2, then player 3 trades with either player 1 or player 2, then player 4 trades with any of the other players, after which there is no further trading.

Can you borrow money to purchase Expertise Points?
No. Nor may Expertise Points be purchased if there are loans that have not been repaid.

There are many different game activities in StartUp. Is it possible to simplify for younger players?
It is possible to simplify StartUp in the following ways:
-Treat some board spaces as Roll Again: If you want to leave out certain game activities, such as Lawsuit, Price War, Play the Market or Networking Events, you can simply treat these as Roll Again spaces.
-Eliminate the Business Opportunites card deck: Instead of using the Business Opportunities card deck, simplify by rolling the dice and adding to it the number of expertise points in the category landed on. Multiply by $10,000 and receive this amount. For example, if you land on "Sales & Marketing" you would roll the dice. If you roll a 5 and have 4 Expertise Points in this category, you would receive (4+5) X $10,000 = $90,000.
-Any other "house rule" that you invent that makes the game better for your friends and family is acceptable. StartUp is quite flexible.